Women's Leadership Academy

Welcome Ladies! This is the inaugural blog of the Women's Leadership Academy. A small group of dedicated women have been working together to identify what a Women's Leadership Academy should look like, how it should operate, and who it will serve.

In the spirit of a sisterhood, we have decided that the Women's Leadership Academy agenda and programs will be developed through consensus on what would have helped each of us out when we first entered policing. Through these meetings, the WLA's vision, mission were born. The WLA will remain dynamic though, adjusting to meet the needs of our members, as we evolve as an organization.

The media has played a role in defining what it means to be a woman and how women should be viewed and valued. Gender norms have been defined for us, not by us. We are reclaiming that defining role, through our actions, and through our support of each other, by demonstrating what women can achieve when women are empowered by women.

Throughout this journey, we will share our reflections, interesting articles, and research studies on women, policing, and management. We will learn, grow, and hopefully, have some fun along the way. We see men as our equals, our work partners and for most, as our supporters. In this effort, we must acknowledge the support of the Superior Officers' Association of the Newark Police Department, in making the Women's Leadership Academy possible. The SOA knows that it is stronger as an organization, when opportunity flourishes, benefitting the entire agency, and accessible by all the residents of Newark. The Women's Leadership Academy strives to make policing a better place for men and women and for the communities that we serve.

The WLA is only as good as the participation of our members, including women aspiring to become officers and active female officers, serving as guides through the application and recruitment process. Your participation is what will make the WLA the place that nurtures hope and inspires dreams. What are your dreams of what a WLA should be?

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