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Can American Police Close the Gender Gap? 

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Co-Founder, Captain Ivonne Roman selected as 2019 TED Talks Fellow.  Her talk will focus on recruitment and retention of women in policing.

 Why a WLA?
Our Mission
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The number of women in policing has remained stagnant for the past two decades, hovering at 12% nationally.  This is troubling, because research shows that women have interpersonal communication skills which can de-escalate tense encounters, reducing the need for use of force.  Women generate less citizen complaints, are named less in lawsuits and are receptive to community policing concepts.  

  • To increase the retention rate of female recruits attending the Newark Police Academy.

  • To create a sororal community among the female members of the Newark Police Department, where women support women in meeting their career objectives.

  • To increase the number of women in supervisory and management positions.

  • To advocate for women’s access to career development training and assignments.

In partnership with the men and women of the Newark Police Superior Officers' Association, the Women's Leadership Academy will empower women to empower other women.  Our vision is to create a sisterhood of women mentoring each other through the police application phase,  the academy, and throughout each others' career.   

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P.O. Ivelisse (Yvi) Johnson

Meet Executive Board Member, P. O. Ivelisse Johnson. She has two years experience in patrol and is currently assigned to the 3rd Precinct. You may contact her at